Practice areas

TMC offers numerous strategic advices in the area of corporate law, such as planning structures for the formation of all kinds of societies and associations, including the preparation of bylaws, agreements between partners, provisions for the protection of shareholders’ corporate rights and schemes for corporate control. We also have an extensive experience in handling corporate books and, in general, the corporate documents of our customers.

TMC continually advises foreign investors who are currently doing business in Mexico or investors who desire to do business in Mexico; as well we represent Mexican investors during the negotiation of investment projects in joint ventures with foreign investors helping them to achieve their goals.

Our firm also has an area specializing in intellectual property, namely specializing in registration and maintenance of patents, trademarks, trade names and copyrights, and protection from the authorities and courts.

TMC has an extensive experience in foreign trade involving and supporting its customers not only in each stage of customs clearance, but also complying with the other responsibilities that are generated.

Finally, as a complementary service for our foreign customers who want or need to enter the national territory for purposes other than tourism, our firm performs the corresponding steps of migration services.

Corporate Law

TMC provides legal advice to several domestic and foreign companies which are seeking business opportunities in Mexico such as mergers ...

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Intelectual Property

The most important asset in a company is the ideas and innovation that makes the difference between our company and ...

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Trade and Customs advice

Mexico is today the country with the most signed trade agreements, which represents the exposure and dynamism of this country. ...

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Immigration services

Throughout the years, Mexico has become a strategic international center. This event has increased the number of foreigners who would ...

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